Farm Drainage

 Designing and installing a farm drainage system is a complex process.   Here are a few of the many factors to take into consideration.  Every field is unique and usually requires an individual design.  Farm drainage depends on topography, soil type and crops that will be grown on the field.  During installation correct grade must be kept for proper drainage and correct tile size to efficiently remove excess water.  All these factors must be taken into account and the tile installed correctly before you can realize the benefits of field tiling as listed below.  We utilize a wheel trencher to lay the drainage pipe so our lines and intakes will always be at the proper depth on every line, every time no matter the soil condition.  We utilize the latest technology in GPS mapping and GPS grade control to maximize these benefits and to minimize cost to the consumer in more accurate tile placement, more efficient removal of water, and the ability to relocate past tile lines.  Everything listed above would be for nothing if we didn't use quality products that go in the ground first.  We only trust quality drainage products from Prinsco.  

 We can customize a conservation plan around your budget.  We will always keep an open line of communication during the project being mindful of the budget set.  Give us a call to discuss your farm drainage needs. We service Southwest Iowa and surrounding communities of Corning, Creston, and Lenox Iowa.

Farm Drainage Benefits:

*Higher Yields
*Earlier Planting
*Deeper Roots
*Warmer Soil
*Less Nitrogen Loss
*Less Erosion
*Less Yield Variation
*Less Compaction

*Higher Rents

*Higher Land Value
Farm Tiling is a one time cost that keeps paying you back year after year....... 

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Farm Drainage 101 Video

Check out this video on Water Management and the benefits.